What We do

GTL Textile Limited

We put a lot of effort into figuring out what our client’s desire

We have a vast global network that enables us to offer a full range of fine fabric and clothing services, from sourcing and development to contracting and delivery.


On a regular basis, we conduct research into new styles, fabrics, accessories, and trims. We work hard to develop them appropriately both at home and abroad.


Our design team creates seasonal trend forecasts and collections to highlight the most current industry trends and design concepts. We want to be a source of inspiration for designers and product developers.


Our collections are constantly updated and renewed by sourcing our inspiration directly from the same sources as retail, staying ahead of trends, and having a dedicated design staff. We’ve prioritized sourcing as a critical component of our operations.

Selection Of Vendors

We assess factories in terms of

  • Product range
  • Quality of the products
  • Production capacity
  • Facilities
  • Financial capability
  • Technology orientation
  • Man Power
  • Working conditions
  • Managerial efficiency
  • The quality policy of the vendors
Following our initial inspection, we share information with our principals and make an informed judgment about which vendors to approve.


We offer samples that are tailored to our customers’ preferences in terms of colors, fabrics, and styles. We produce samples in the numbers that our customers demand. We strengthen our buyers’ marketing efforts in their region by providing this critical service, giving them an advantage over their competitors.


We compare costs provided by our manufacturer and other suppliers to our own knowledge of the country’s cost structure, and we negotiate the most reasonable pricing with them.


Through our partner factories, we are able to manufacture the products ourselves. Furthermore, we have contracts with over 40 factories that meet all of our specifications.

Status Reporting

The buyers receive a status report based on a multi-state examination. The production progress is compared to the delivery terms, and appropriate steps are taken to ensure that goods are delivered on time. Consignments are only prepared for shipment if they meet the requirements of our purchasers.

Total Quality Management

From the time of sampling to the time of shipment, we keep a tight eye on orders. On a regular basis, we notify our buyers on the status of sample, production, and shipment. To ensure timely delivery of products, a proactive approach is maintained toward the identification of problem areas and the quick adoption of corrective actions. The buyers’ specifications are used to choose the samples for detailed physical inspection, which includes criteria such as design/style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, dimensions, and packaging.


We want to deliver the goods to the customer’s door, so GTL Textile Limited is vertically integrated and has its partner global logistics company. Which allows the whole process to run more smoothly.

Shipping Co-Ordination

To avoid any inconvenience, shipping paperworks are examined according to the buyer’s instructions, and copy documents are supplied to buyers well in advance of the shipment.

Other Services

We keep buyers up to date on market trends, new industry advancements, changes in government policy and laws, and so on.

Within our knowledge, inform buyers about new fabrics, patterns, and fashion trends.

When we receive buyers, we send invitation letters to get visas, make hotel reservations on their behalf, schedule relevant meetings, and endeavor to provide any reasonable support that a buyer may require in a foreign country to make their stay comfortable and useful.