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Some of Our Best

Perfect R&D

The R&D team at Fifth Alliance understands the rapid changes in the global fashion market. Therefore, they are always coming up with designs that are both practical & fashionable. At the same time, our designers are concerned about the environmental impacts. The future R&D begins with 3D designing as it gives us more accurate designs in less time. It reduces the sample lead time & development cost. Also, it achieves pattern accuracy. Thus, it gives a more accurate point of negotiation between Fifth Alliance and its buyers.

Worked with the best

Going Green

In view of curbing pollution and climate change, Fifth Alliance global trading LTD. is initiating the green move to Sustainable fashion. Our vision is to develop environmental consciousness through our supply chain and protect our consumers from carcinogenic and toxic substances. It’s not just a garment that is made from sustainable materials, the responsibility goes further than this and spans across the entire value chain.