about Us

GTL Textile Limited

has sourcing offices in Bangladesh, China, and Pakistan, as well as a design & marketing office in London, UK. We connect mostly European and American buyers with Asian suppliers. We offer a wide range of services, including reliable vendors, sourcing, sampling, TQM, production, and logistics, with complete transparency to consumers. We are a one-stop-shop for all your textile needs, and we can deliver any type of garments. The services will offer guarantee a smooth relationship and will accelerate the process.
We believe in Environment, Sustainability, Quality, Compliance, CSR excellence, Client services, Collaboration, and Perfection at all levels in order to be the perfect global sourcing partner. We have built trusting relationships with customers and suppliers all across the world through many years of activity.

Why Choose Us?

GTL Textile offers expert guidance on how to outsource ready-made garment production in the most competitive markets. It’s not just that we have industry-leading Technical & Compliance, Merchandising, Product & Design teams, or that we work with over completely compliant factories and well-known brands around the world. It’s not just because we deliver on time, have excellent quality, or are a completely transparent, forward-thinking business partner. It is not only that we are your one-stop solution offering a variety of products.
What sets GTL Textile unique apart is our commitment to helping you expand your business, our real concern for our partnerships, and our view of each product as a work of art rather than a commodity. We will work hard to provide you with cost-effective, diversified, and flexible sourcing solutions that are adapted to your ever-changing customer needs

We believe in "Passion for Perfection" and live by the "Spirit of One."

GTL Management

GTL Textile Limited is working to establishing new businesses & collaboration. GTL Textile Limited has a multicultural management team with a variety of backgrounds and countries.

Customized Service

All of our clients have distinct sourcing requirements, and we tailor a manufacturing supply chain to their specific needs and business processes in order to achieve their objectives. To provide the greatest quality of service and confidentiality, we set up dedicated teams for each of our customers. Each team collaborates closely with customer purchasing teams and works on product development/design to ensure high-quality goods that satisfy end-user requests and arrive on store shelves on time.

We are a logistics and global supply chain management service provider for our customers. In all of the world’s markets, we function as our customers’ eyes and ears, giving market intelligence to our retail partners. Our worldwide sourcing network’s communication links allow us to share information and involve remote partners in the design and product development.

We provide quick response production, allowing us to suit our clients’ ever-changing needs even after an initial order has been placed. As a result of the continually shifting market conditions, we are able to accommodate any changing requests.



Building a successful business necessitates a constant search for new opportunities, creative methods to expand, and, of course, the best and most dependable partners and suppliers.


GTL Collection helps you put your actions, campaigns, designs, and uniforms to life by providing you with a diverse choice of styles, from classic to fashionable, of the finest quality, and in a wide range of colors. Our creativity isn’t limited to designs and colors; we’re always looking for new methods to support your business through targeted messages, custom tools, and trend updates that will give you a competitive advantage.


The GTL Textile’s environmental efforts are ingrained in our culture and principles. When it comes to dealing with difficult SUSTAINABILITY challenges, we feel that a long-term strategy is essential, and we endeavor to ensure that sustainability is integrated into every element of our business. Our entire business must be conducted in an ECONOMICALLY, SOCIALLY, and ENVIRONMENTALLY sustainable manner. That is the reason we have established defined objectives and targets, which we are pursuing on a daily basis. There are no rules to follow. Our success is based on finding innovative ways to accomplish things.